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Silent Suitcase Generator (petrol 240V)

Hire this Silent Suitcase Generator (petrol 240V) from just £22

Silent Suitcase Generator (petrol 240V) – Hire Prices

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Our Silent Suitcase Generator (petrol 240V) are available to hire from our Northolt branch.

Delivery and pick up available on request.

Power up silently with our Petrol 240V Suitcase Generator. Engineered for minimal noise, this compact generator is a discreet yet potent power solution, ideal for both urban and remote sites. Its “suitcase” design ensures portability, making it perfect for events, trade jobs, and emergency backup.

Running on petrol, it offers a reliable energy source, while the 240V output guarantees compatibility with a wide range of equipment. When quiet, consistent power is essential, this is your go-to choice. Reserve yours now!