Ladder & Access Hire

If you’re working at a height, you need to have good, safe equipment you can trust. At Hire-It Northolt we stock a variety of different ladders and access platforms, as well as a range of aluminium scaffolding.

Our alloy extension ladders range from 5.5m to 10m in length, and we stock a range of lightweight staging, builder steps and roof ladders.

Our aluminium scaffold towers are to EU standard HD1004 and we also stock a range of low level access equipment. Check out our full range of ladder and access equipment below, along with all prices and links to individual ladder hire products.

Open Mon – Fri 8am – 5:30pm / Sat 8:30am-1pm
To Hire Call – 0208 841 2039 or email

Ladders & Access Hire Price List

Here at Hire-It Northolt, we have a wide range of specialist ladders and access equipment. Use our quick reference pricing table below to see all our equipment that is available for hire.

Product24 HrsExtra 24Weekend7 Days
Alloy Extension Ladder treble 8′ ext to 19′ (5.55m)£15£7.50£19£30
Alloy Extension Ladder double 13′ ext to 23′ (7.00m)£18£9£22.50£36
Alloy Extension Ladder treble 13′ ext to 33′ (10.15m)£20£10£25£40
Alloy Extension Ladder double 16′ ext to 30′ (9.2m)£20£10£25£40
Ladder Safety Foot£4£2£5£8
Ladder Stay£4£2£5£8
Roof Ladder 16′ (5m)£16£8£20£32
Roof Ladder – extending – 12’9″ to 21’9″ (6.7m)£19£9.50£24£38
Combination Ladder – 3 part (2.5m)£20£10£25£40
Builders Steps – alloy Class 1 – 6 tread/8 tread£10£5£12.50£20
Builders Steps – alloy Class 1 – 10 tread/12 tread£15£7.50£19£30
Lightweight Staging – 10′ (3m) 450mmPOA
Lightweight Staging – 12′ (3.7m) 450/600mmPOA
Lightweight Staging – 14′ (4.3m) 450/600mmPOA
Lightweight Staging – 16′ (4.9m) 450mmPOA
Lightweight Staging – 20′ (6m) 450/600mmPOA
Lightweight Staging – 24′ (7.4m) 450mmPOA