Fixing Tools Equipment Hire

When precision meets efficiency, your projects elevate to a whole new level. Whether you’re securing structures with a cordless nailer, anchoring with our reliable cartridge hammer, or ensuring flawless flooring installations with the overlay floor nailer, we provide the tools to get the job done right. Explore our range and find the perfect tool tailored to your task.

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Fixing Tools Price List

Use our quick reference pricing table below to see all our fixing tools that is available for hire.

Product24 HrsExtra 24Weekend7 Days
Dewalt cordless nailer 18V 52mm to 90mm£29£14.50£36.50£58
Floor Nailer c/w mallet – 45°£20£10£25£40
Floor Nailer c/w mallet – vertical£20£10£25£40
Overlay Floor Nailer – c/w mallet – 12mm max.£20£10£25£40
Cartridge Hammer£24£12£30£48