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Generator 3.4KVA – 110V/240V petrol

Hire this Generator 3.4KVA – 110V/240V petrol from just £28

Generator 3.4KVA – 110V/240V petrol – Hire Prices

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Call 020 8841 2039 to hire

Our Generator 3.4KVA – 110V/240V petrol are available to hire from our Northolt branch.

Delivery and pick up available on request.

Maximize your power potential with our 3.4KVA Generator, tailored for dual 110V and 240V outputs. Ideal for demanding projects, this petrol-powered beast ensures you never skip a beat, whether on construction sites, events, or emergency situations.

Its versatile dual voltage feature caters to a broad range of tools and apparatus. Crafted for peak performance and unwavering reliability, it stands as an indispensable asset for those serious about their work. Don’t compromise on power; secure our top-tier generator for your needs today!