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Hedge Trimmer – Long Reach – up to 10′ 2 stroke petrol

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Our Hedge Trimmers (Long Reach) are available to hire from our Northolt branch.

Delivery and pick up available on request.

Master the art of precision hedge trimming with our Long Reach Hedge Trimmer, powered by a 2-stroke petrol engine. Designed to extend up to 10 feet, this trimmer is perfect for tackling tall and hard-to-reach hedges without the need for a ladder. The petrol engine ensures consistent power and mobility, allowing you to move freely without the constraints of cords. This tool’s long reach capability, combined with a robust cutting mechanism, makes it ideal for maintaining large and expansive outdoor spaces.

Its ergonomic design and balanced weight distribution ensure comfort and ease of use, even during extended periods of operation. Ideal for both professional landscapers and avid gardeners, this Long Reach Hedge Trimmer offers an efficient and safe solution for maintaining tall and extensive hedges with precision and ease.