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Alligator Pruning Saw – electric 6″ max

Hire this Alligator Pruning Saw from just £39

alligator pruning saw

Alligator Pruning Saw – electric 6″ max – Hire Prices

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Our Alligator Pruning Saw – electric 6″ max are available to hire from our Northolt branch.

Delivery and pick up available on request.

Experience unparalleled ease in your pruning tasks with our Electric Alligator Pruning Saw, capable of handling branches up to 6 inches in thickness. This powerful and innovative tool is specifically designed for fast, clean cuts, making it ideal for pruning trees, cutting back overgrown bushes, and managing garden waste.

Its electric operation ensures a consistent performance with minimal effort, while the unique ‘alligator’ jaw design provides added safety and control. Lightweight and user-friendly, this saw is a game-changer for both professional landscapers and gardening enthusiasts, revolutionizing the way you approach pruning and garden maintenance.