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Dustbin’ Site Heater 85,000 Btu – needs no electrical supply!

Hire this Dustbin’ Site Heater 85,000 Btu from just £18

Dustbin’ Site Heater 85,000 Btu – Hire Prices

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Our Dustbin’ Site Heaters (85,000 Btu) are available to hire from our Northolt branch.

Delivery and pick up available on request.

This ‘Dustbin’ Site Heater, delivering an output of 85,000 Btu, is engineered to provide warmth in varied site conditions. Named for its distinct and robust design resembling a dustbin, it is suitable for outdoor job sites, construction areas, or any space needing efficient localized heating.

Its considerable output ensures that even in open or partially enclosed environments, a consistent warmth can be maintained. This heater is a practical choice for professionals needing reliable heating solutions in diverse working conditions.