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Cast Iron/Concrete Pipe Cutter 6″ (150mm) max.

Hire this Cast Iron/Concrete Pipe Cutter from just £19

Cast Iron/Concrete Pipe Cutter – Hire Prices

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Call 020 8841 2039 to hire

Our Cast Iron/Concrete Pipe Cutters are available to hire from our Northolt branch.

Delivery and pick up available on request.

Tackle tough pipe cutting jobs with ease using our Cast Iron/Concrete Pipe Cutter, designed for pipes up to 6 inches (150mm) in diameter. Available for hire, this robust tool is engineered to cut through the hardest materials like cast iron and concrete with precision and efficiency. Its sturdy construction and sharp cutting mechanism ensure clean, straight cuts, making it an indispensable tool for plumbing, construction, and demolition projects.

Ideal for both professionals and DIY enthusiasts, this pipe cutter is user-friendly and delivers top-notch performance in even the most challenging environments. Rent our Cast Iron/Concrete Pipe Cutter for a reliable and hassle-free cutting solution on your next project.