Tools for Hire

Building Tools

Building Tools

We stock a large range of building tools and equipment, from vibrating plates to skip ramps and mixers. Whatever the project we have the quality equipment you need. To check our range and our pricing, visit our Building products page to see our full product range.   

Building Hand Tools

Building Hand Tools

Beyond the essential site equipment and heavy duty building gear, we also stock a large range of building hand tools and portable equipment. From the essentials such as Wheel Barrows, and Crowbars to roadside Cones and Barriers to protect your site. We also have a large and diverse range of power drills for any task and requirement. We have it all at Hire-It Northolt, so check our Building - Hand Tools products page and our Power Drills product page for the full list with pricing.

Plumbing Tools

Plumbing Tools

Plumbing is one of those areas where you just do not want to get caught without the right tools. At Hire-It Northolt we have a wide range of plumbing tools and equipment from your standard hand tools, blowtorches and pipe threaders, to pipe bending tools, radiator flushing kits and drain plugs. So for every job from bleeding and flushing radiators, to brand new pipe installations for refitting bathrooms or adding w/c to extensions, we have the tools and equipment you need. Follow this link for our full range of plumbing tools and equipment and our price list.

Gardening Tools

Gardening Tools

One of the largest ranges of tools we have available for hire, is for the garden. Whether you need to get things in order for winter, prepare your flower beds or vegetable patches for spring, have a tree needing cut back or you are putting in some decking, whatever your needs we have it covered for your hire tools. Our range stretches from lawn mowers, strimmers and rakes, to hole borers, wheel barrows and sledgehammers. Check out our full product and price list for gardening tools here.

Power, Lighting & Welding

Power and Lighting Equipment

There are some jobs that once started need to be finished, which can often take longer than daylight will provide for. In these instances additional lighting may be required for the job area to allow for safe completion of work without delay. You might also need lighting for security and a generator to run them, or perhaps you are fitting new lights as part of the job. Whatever your lighting needs, we have it covered at Hire-It Northolt, with a range of strip lighting, fluorescent lighting, bulbs, tubes and floodlights for sale or hire.

In our range of power, lighting and welding supplies we also have a selection of generators and transformers for hire to provide that extra juice or convert your supply to the right voltage for your equipment. There is nothing worse than falling short when all you have is a 240v supply and you need some 110v for your power tools. For a full list of our equipment including pricing, visit our power, lighting and welding product page by following the link, or from the left hand menu.

Decorating & Tiling

Decorating and Tiling Tools

When it comes to stripping wallpaper or tiling, without the right equipment the job can really seem to last forever. Tiles can be so fragile and you can generate far more waste than you planned for if you don’t plan ahead. At Hire-It Northolt we have a selection of tile cutters and tile saws for hire to help you on the job, to reduce waste, keep your edges straight and to speed up the process of cutting.

For decorating we also have a selection of wallpaper strippers and perforators, as well as hot air paint strippers to take the pain out of your decorating job. For a full list and pricing visit this link for our Decorating & Tiling product page.

Fixing Tools

Fixing Tools

Whether your fitting floors, plaster walls or beams, all that fixing manually by hand can get a little tiresome. That’s why we stock a range of fixing tools, including cartridge hammers, floor nailers and staple hammers. Take the pain out of your fixing jobs and check out our full range with pricing on our fixing toolsproduct page.

Demolition & Breaking Tools

Demolution Tools

Demolition jobs can vary quite greatly in size and for this very reason we have a variety of different breaking tools for hire. We stock small, medium and large electric breaking tools and petrol powered c/w breaker hydraulic packs. Our range including price list can be found on our product page for demolition and breaking tools here, or in the left hand menu.

Party & Leisure Equipment

Party and Leisure Equipment

Are you planning on hosting a party event? Have you thought about heating if it is outside? Or where people are going to store their coats or even where people are going to stay at nights end? We have it covered for you, with a range of party lights, patio heaters, clothes rails, cots and folding beds for hire. The devil is in the detail as the saying goes and if you want your event to be a success, or for your visiting family to have a sofa free good night’s sleep, then we have the right equipment for you. Visit this link for our Party & Leisure Equipment product page including our price list. 

Lifting & Moving Equipment

Lifting and Moving Equipment

The number of injuries in the workplace from poor lifting and moving techniques, or people over loading continues to be a major contributor to developing long term back problems and even permanent injury. Most of these injuries could be avoided by using the correct techniques or investing in the right equipment. At Hire-It Northolt we have a variety of lifting and moving equipment for hire, to help with even the most demanding of loads. We stock different sizes of trolley, pallet trucks and even stair trolleys and that’s only part of our range. For a full product list and pricing check the product page here, or from the left hand menu.

Cutting & Grinding Tools

Cutting and Grinding Tools

Whether you need to cut, grind or saw and be it metal, wood or stone, we have the right equipment for you. From angle grinders, jig saws, mitre saws, wall chasers and cutting kits and much more. Our store has the right hire tools for any cutting job at home or on site. For our full range of cutting and grinding tools for metal and stone, see our product page here with price listings. If it’s more cutting than grinding you have in mind, for wood or metal, check out our product and pricing page here for Wood & Metal Cutting.

Heating, Drying, Cooling & Ventilation

Heating and Cooling Equipment

One of our largest ranges of equipment is for heating, drying cooling and ventilation. Whether you need large industrial space heaters and electric heaters, or smaller fan and oil heaters we have it covered. We also stock several building dryers and carpet dryers, air conditioners and extractors. So whatever your need, be it for heating or drying in a large work area, or a little extra warmth through winter, we have a full range for hire so check out our full range and pricing here.

Cleaning & Floor Maintenance

Cleaning and Flooring Equipment

Whether you have a carpet that needs a good clean or stretch, a chimney that needs a good sweep, or a floor that needs a good polish, at Hire-It Northolt we have a full range of solutions for your cleaning and floor maintenance needs. We stock a full range of electric and diesel hot pressure washers, dry vacs, wet vacs and much more. For our full range with pricing visit our cleaning and floor maintenance product page.



Whatever items you need to smooth out or sand down, be it floors, walls or doors, we have the right tools for the job. Perhaps you have some brickwork needing scaled? Well we have the right tools for hire whatever your needs and at a great price too. From 4 inch to 8 inch sanders, belt, disc or drum, as well as palm sanders, scalers and extractors we have the lot. Check out our full range and our pricing here in our sanders product page.

Ladders & Access

Ladders and Access

If you’re working at a height, you need to have good, safe equipment you can trust. At Hire-It Northolt we stock a variety of different ladders and access platforms, as well as a range of aluminium scaffolding. Our alloy extension ladders range from 5.5m to 19m in length, and we stock a range of lightweight staging, builder steps and roof ladders. Our aluminium scaffold towers are to EU standard HD1004 and we also stock a range of low level access equipment. Check out our full range of ladder and access equipment here, or for our full range of products and pricing for aluminium scaffold towers visit here.

Belle Mini Mix 150 240V Special 4 Week Hire Rate
Hire Rate:
Day: £N/A
Add Day: £N/A
Weekend: £N/A
Weekly: £16 + VAT p/w Min 4 week hire