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As time goes by, education and technology develop. Buildings that were erected hundreds of years ago, were usually done so using different building materials, tools and equipment than are used today. In general this may be for the better but there are buildings that have spanned generations that will far outlive some that are built today. 

Uxbridge is home to some very significant historical buildings, spanning a variety of periods and ages. Some are remarkable examples of engineering and building, be it for their architectural design, their resilience or their function.

The Battle Of Britain Bunker

Buildings in Uxbridge

The Battle of Britain Bunker is not your average building. It is situated in RAF Uxbridge, and was the co-ordinating hub of air defence of the south-east of England during the Battle of Britain campaign. Group Operations Room number 11 took on a critical role during the battle and went on to be later used during the D-Day landings. It may not be much to look at from the outside, but this building was made to withstand a pounding, and continues to survive today.

The Crown And Treaty

Crown And Treaty Uxbridge

To some, this may just look like your run of the mill public house but to those with a mind for history, they will know that this very pub marks the location where the Treaty of Uxbridge was proposed in 1645 between Kind Charles 1st and the Parliamentary Army. The building has survived for centuries and is now names the Crown and Treaty in recognition of the event. The building itself in this picture, is swarmed by buildings of a completely different era, dwarfed by massive commercial buildings in the background.

Your own building projects may not end up being as historically significant as these examples, but if you want them to last you need quality tools and equipment. Whatever the size or scope of your plans, Hire-it Northolt can provide for all your tool hire needs in Uxbridge and provide equipment and plant hire for any size of job. We provide our full range of plant and tool hire in and around the Uxbridge area, and are barely a stone’s throw away.
Whether its scaffold hire for putting up an extension, or a supply of garden tools for getting your yard in order, if you need tool hire in Uxbridge look no further.

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Belle Mini Mix 150 240V Special 4 Week Hire Rate
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